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Sichuan Star Construction Group

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The Sichuan Star Group was started in April, 1984, with the total asset of about 2.2 billion Yuan.  On the basis of general contract of construction, the company entered into the industry of real estate since 1998, with affiliates set up in Yunnan, Beijing, Chongqing, Guizhou, Hubei, Jiangsu, etc, and business distributed in 24 provinces, autonomous region and municipalities.  The company has 4 operative segments with construction, development of real estate, import & export trading and investment & financing included, having preliminarily formed the pattern of “One business as the majority, several businesses held at the same time” and including 36 subsidiaries and relative enterprises of shares holding and shares participation with Star Construction, Star House Purchasing, Huatai Hengsheng, and Lisheng Guarantee, etc. included.  Currently, the construction plate of this group has the qualifications of “Six Grade I” of general contract and professional contract for architectural engineering construction, and “Seven Grade II” of road engineering, etc.  For several times, the company was honored as “the excellent architectural enterprises of Sichuan Province” and was awarded with the high-quality engineering prizes of “Tianfu Cup”, “Chutian Cup”, “Great Wall Cup”, etc.  The plate of Group House Purchasing owns the Grade II qualification, having successively invested and developed Hancheng International, Star Connor Bay, Star International Community, etc. with the development area of 2 million square meters completed in total, in which the Hancheng International was evaluated as “National Health Residence Ecodistrict”, the Star Connor Bay was awarded as the annual divisional promotion premises of Chengdu real estate, and the Star International Community is the chief premise in Huaying and Guang’an, which is deeply favored by the clients to become the standard for local real estate development.  The trading plate of the group is major in architectural materials, subsidiary agricultural products and accessories of motors, forming the trading system with industry, agriculture and mining industry included.




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