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Life & Work

Hello everyone, I am Shi Chuan, from Beijing, joined Boda in 2015.When I first got into the company , heard my leaders and colleagues introduce the company's business and affairs, I suddenly had a strong sense of mission.Boda's goal is a magnificent undertaking that requires generations hardworking.Many of our predecessors have worked for this for many years. As a young generation, we need to become the backbone of the company step by step. We can’t enjoy the resources and wealth left by our predecessors. Instead, we must develop our business on this basis.Standing on the shoulders of giants, we need to look farther.

People should be ambitious and driven by the sense of responsibility.In Boda, each position needs to fulfill its duties. And we should be clear that if we do not have a correct working attitude, we can’t be responsible for the job.Therefore, we should correct our work attitude at first. Only when we take the serious and responsible attitude to do our work, we can give full energy to our company.

In today's diverse and informatized era, the commercial market is full of fierce competition. Therefore, every enterprise needs to keep making progress to meet the needs of the times and industry standards.Business so, business people also should be the case. Each of us as a corporate business people, should also have an enterprising heart, ready to learn knowledge, skills and information, and put it into commercial combat.Only each business people full of competitiveness, full of combat effectiveness, the company can get more opportunities and success.

So, let us study hard, work hard for our common cause!