Bejing ICP No. 19059678-1

Corporate Culture of Boda Group

1.The expectation and mission of enterprise

Become the bellwether for Chinese enterprises entering into the foreign market and become an international large company with global impact by having the same fate with China in rising and based on the stage of Latin America market with infrastructure construction and real estate operation being dominant.

2.Spirit of enterprise

Struggling Hard Today Strategically and

Making Sure the Achievement of Our Missions

Illustration: "Struggling now" is a kind of work attitude of Boda staff everyday; that is a kind of spirit filled with passion and active struggling.  “Considering for future” includes two points: one is for future with long-term view and strategic thought neither for petty profits nor for fast money from the point of time; the other one is global and international, aimed at carrying out commercial layout and operation globally from the point of  space.

"Our mission must be reached": Internally, Boda Group is an enterprise having soldier gene with attention to solemn rules and careful implementation; the words are trustable and actions are decisive.  As for social responsibilities, Boda Group is an enterprise full of sense of mission, consciously and wholeheartedly serving the national strategies with no stop before reaching the goals.

3.The core value of enterprise

(1) The interests of motherland come first.

Boda Group is the participant and beneficiary of China Reform and Open.  Loving our motherland and our career is the source of our cohesion; as a result, Boda Group will consciously serve the national development strategies and permanently implement the core concept of “Interests of motherland come first” during the operation activities.  At the same time, Boda Group will require the staff to love our motherland, especially to consciously maintain our national image and interests during the international communication.

(2) To consider and operate according to international standards

Boda Group is a corporation which mainly runs international business; and also, it aims at becoming an excellent Chinese company of internationalization.  As a result, it is required that our operation and management should comply with international standards, treat each work with scientific attitude, respect the facts and regulations and learn to deliver our opinions by the use of data; make perfection more perfect, active and effective so as to continuously improve work quality.

(3) Be decent and construct actions according to rules.

Whether internally or externally, Boda Group will treat personal quality as the first standard of choosing and using talents, and treat “Honest, faithful, dedicated and disciplined” as the most basic moral code for an enterprise.  At the same time, Boda Group, a firm with strong sense of mission, requires that the staff must be highly loyal and strongly disciplined.  “Make habits accord with regulations, ulteriorly make the regulations become habits” so as to permanently keep powerful executive force and fighting capacity.

(4) Embrace passion and innovation

Passion means being never complacent and never giving up, optimistic and upbeat, and brave to fight.  No matter how large the company will develop to be and no matter we come across favorable circumstances or adverse situation, the enterprising faith of “Change the 5% hope into 100% reality” should be integrated into the blood of Boda staff.  At the same time, Boda staff should engrave in their mind “no ceiling for pioneering” and “no ceiling for creation”, when facing the current baffling competitive international market.  Permanently keep the awareness of crisis, put down the former achievements, continuously renovate commercial pattern and continuously reform thought  concept.  Go beyond ourselves and spare no efforts for struggling.

(5) Value the family value and inheritance

The Chinese culture strives for “synthesis of family and country”, and only love our family could our country be loved, so Boda Group asks the staff to show their respect for their parents, help their brothers and sisters and be responsible for their relatives, on which they care for their colleagues and others.  And also, Boda Group strives to build the environment of “Boda Big Family” in the setting up and management of enterprise objectives.  The colleagues should arrive at major complementation, personality recognition and emotional harmonization, so as to effectively reduce the respect cost and trust cost during enterprise operation and stimulate the staff to serve society and our country with their excellent work.