Bejing ICP No. 19059678-1

Brief Introduction of BODA International Holding Group

General information for BODA Group

Started in 1993, BODA Group has grown up to be an integrated transnational group through the development of 23 years, with current staff being near 15,00 persons and total capital being more than 7 billion US Dollars.

Major business

Development and Operation of Real Estate, International Trade, International Financing, Energy and Cultural Tourism Industry, etc.

Business implementation

International trade

Since 1993, being the exclusive agency of many world-famous brands in China (including Hong Kong and Marco).  The world-famous brands it represents include steel, automobile parts, anti-counterfeiting marks, make-ups, printing machinery, wines, etc, which are about 100 brands.

International Real Estate Development

Cooperate with the GDF of Mexico City to develop the series of projects of China Town in Mexico City, in which:

  1. The China-Mexico Culture Communication Center and the China Grand Hotel has 70 floors above ground and 6 floors underground, with the construction area being 202,000 sqm.

  2. The modern Science and Technology Town, located at Mexico City and adjacent to Mexico University, one of the biggest universities in the world, has an occupancy area of 17.5 hectares with the construction area being near to 1,800,000 sqm.

  3. The development and construction of 14 commercial streets located in Mexico City.
    -- The construction of Latin America Expressive Town located in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, of which the occupancy area is 1,000 mu and the construction area reaches 1,760,000 sqm.


Being the 2nd shareholder of China Liancai Oil Co., Ltd.

Being the key shareholder of Qinhuangdao Energy Trading Center and Qingdao Energy Trading Center.
Being the key shareholder of Qinhuangdao Oil Reserve Pool and Qingdao Oil Reserve Pool.

International Finance

To establish the TEBC fund in Hong Kong with the German Tucher Family of near 1,000 years’ history and its branch in China-the Euro Sino Investment Group, aimed at the investment and development of international real estate.

The development and operation of new industrial town

To cooperate with the biggest Mexican fund-Artha Fund to develop and build the China-Mexico Industrial S&T Town in Mexico, of which the occupancy area is 3,116 hectares.

The Phase I of the project is located in Harris State of Mexico with the occupation area being 1151 hectares, in which the starting area has an occupancy area of 300 hectares in total.  The land rearrangement and design of planning proposal have been completed.  Currently, we cooperate with China Development Bank, carrying out the attracting of investment for those China-invested enterprises which will invest in Mexico.

To cooperate with the German ESI Investment Group to construct the German Industrial Park and German Healthy Industrial Park in Shijiazhuang, Hebei.

Located at the Taiping Riverside of Shijiazhuang, Hebei, the project has an occupancy area of 4,800 mu.  In 2001, BODA Group and Ministry of National Agriculture commonly developed and built the biggest agriculture demonstration S&T park in China with 520 large modern green houses in total built.  It is the biggest base of planting, R&D and sale of edible cactus and the largest interior sightseeing agriculture park in China.

The development and management of hotel

To form the strategic alliance with Singapore Banyan Tree Hospitality Management Group and German Adel Hospitality Management Company.

Industries of culture originality and culture communication

To cooperate with China Sky Network Television Station, aimed at the culture communication for the countries along the “One Belt, One Road”, especially for China and Mexico.

Land reserve

Own the construction land of 520 hectares in Mexico City, so as to develop and build the series of projects in China Town.

Except for the Phase I projects, there are still industrial land of 1,965 hectares in Mexico, spreading over: 603 hectares in Hidalgo, 441 hectares in Nafudel and Mexico City, 578 hectares in San Luis Potosi, 343 hectares in Leon of Guanajuato.

Own about 2,500 hectares of tourism integrated construction land in Cancun-a tourist attraction in Mexico.

Own more than 7,000 mu land for industry, tourism, real estate development in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shijiazhuang, Xi’an, Qingdao, Qinhuangdao of China.


Have already set up branches and working bodies in tens of countries and districts, including Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shijiazhuang, Xi’an, Tianjin, Qinhuangdao, Qingdao of China, Germany, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Mexico, France, England, Japan, etc.


Mr. NiuShuhai was born in China in 1966.

Current positions: president of Boda Group BOD; executive vice president and CEO of Liancai Oil Co., Ltd.; rotating chairman of Hong Kong TEBC Fund. 

Other positions: vice-chairman of China Productivity Society, vice president of China Economy Trade Advancement Association; vice director of China Market Association, vice-chairman of CASME, etc.  Honored as Advanced Patriotic Entrepreneur, Proud of China?the 6th China Times Ten News Figure, Affecting China?Ten Influential Persons since the Reform and Opening of China, etc.


Appreciation to all levels of government for their concerns and instruction with 20 years like one day and thanks for the great support and help of government of Mexico City, the staff of BODA Group will realize the enterprise missions with foresight and down-to-earth work, so as to contribute the due efforts for the realization of China Dream by taking the idea of “Loyalty & Love for Our Motherland, Only the large family should be highly appreciated”, implementing the enterprise spirit of “Struggling Now and Consider for Future with the mission must be reached” and catching the historic opportunity of rearrangement of world economy order.