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Shijiazhuang German Industrial Park

Euro Sino InvestmentGroup(“ESI Group”) is the Chinese branch of enterprises of Tucherfamily, one of the European four families with 500-year prosperous history. BODA Group joins it and Tucher Real Estate Fund to incorporate the Tucher-ESI-BODA Capital(“TEBC”). BODA Group leads to implement the Global Strategic Investment Plan forTEBC. In 2015, on behalf of the European Union, the Tucher family signed the agreements on Chinese Urbanization Development with the Chinese government. TEBC is the carrier of the Strong-Strong Union of Chinese enterprises and German enterprises, as well as the typical representative of Chinese mixed ownership economy pattern. The industrial insiderscalled it the new Engine of the “One Belt and One Road”Construction.

In May 2014, BODA Group and Euro Sino Invest Group jointly setup a work team to build the Shijiazhuang ? German Cultural Life Experience Park and the German Industrial Park. The German Cultural Life Experience Park is a HOPSCA (Hotel, Office, Park, Shopping Mall, Club and Apartment) complex of German Medical Treatment, German-Chinese-English language education school, fantasyland, environment-friendly apartment and embedded commercial streets. The German Industrial Park is a project under the supervision and operation of the CPC Hebei Provincial Branch. Through the 17 German Commercial Chambers under its mother company, the ESI Group will bring almost 6000 German enterprises with strong technical background and operation ability to start their business in the Park.