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China Grand Hotel

    General condition for the project

    BODA Group is the founder of Mexico-China Town.  The federal government of Mexico City granted all the legal documents and exploration materials to BODA Group on 228 hectares of land of Mexico-China Town and provided complete tax  reduction and exemption strategy in the solemn Great Hall of the People on Oct.15, 2008.  Many significant leaders in Economy Departments of Chinese government assisted in this groundbreaking activity in the history of communication between China and Mexico.

    1.The 1st highest building of Mexico-International Communication Center for Chinese and Mexican Culture

    International Communication Center for Chinese and Mexican Culture is a building for modern comprehensive use of Chinese and Mexican culture combination in Polanco business area with 70 floors on the ground, 6 floors under the ground,  and accommodation, catering, recreation, convention & exhibition, departments, emporium, office building and suspended parking lots included.  After the completion, this center will become the 1st highest building in Mexico City.  This project is located in the commercial prosperous section of central administration business core areas of Federal District of Mexico City, which occupies 0.075% national territorial area, 7.9% national population and 17% GDP.  It is located at the southeast corner of intersection crossed by Mexico City Reform Road and Juarez Road.  The west side of this project is connected with Hilton Hotel at the same street and the east side of it is adjoined to the Juarez Park, the 1st park of Latin America with the history of 500 years, with abundant high buildings standing around and banks, markets, hotels and office buildings being seen everywhere.

    The occupation area for this project is 5,295 square meters and the total construction area is 265,085 square meters, of which the construction area on the  ground is 227,285 square meters and the construction area under the ground is 37,800 square meters.  Primarily, the construction period of this project is estimated to be 40 to 44 months, including time for refined decoration.  This project is estimated to be started in 2015 and will be placed in operation from 2019.

    International Communication Center for Chinese and Mexican Culture will be an iconic event for the Chinese enterprises to practice the national Latin America  strategies and the strategy of internationalization, which must make great contribution for further promotion of the two countries’ economic trade development and of investment development in all aspects in Mexico for the Chinese enterprises.

    Located at the prime section, only several meters away from the Reform arterial road and Juarez street.  This is an important road connected to Mexican old urban regions; meanwhile, these Mexican regions have become a new object for the  investment of government and persons for these years.

    Located at the strategic section between the Reform arterial road and the center of Mexico City and near to many vital governmental departments and private enterprises, so the Juarez street becomes a must for the commuters.

    Compact of population with urban regions, social and comprehensive culture facilities included.