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Mexico Night Sotol Liquor

    As authorized by the government of Mexico City, BODA Group plans successively import nearly 300 cheap and fine commodities with Mexican characteristics such as Tequila, chili sauce and corn cake, etc. to China. With good sales achievement, the first batch of Sotol liquor has gained widespread awareness. BODA Group has already started its construction of the Latin American Logistic Port in Langfang City near the Second Capital Airport of China, in cooperation with many Chinese giant online shopping enterprises and offline shopping enterprises to promote and sell Mexican products in a large scale.

    The plant of Sotol is an endangered species growing on the Northern Plateau of Chihuahua State of Mexico. It grows with nutrient from the soil and other sources of the nature only, not any chemical or synthetic pesticides. Only the root of the 15-year-old Sotol, like a big pineapple weighing 50kg to 80kg, will be used to make liquor. The liquid made by extrusion of the roots after high temperature distillation is put in the storage tank for natural fermentation. With this character and exceptional advantages, Mexico Night Sotol Liquor provides the effect which other liquor cannot provide. It helps to relieve tiredness and psychological stress and has its unique feature to keep cerebrovascular and cardiovascular free from blocking and to enhance blood cycle.

    Mexico Night Sotol Liquor

    The top Mexico Night Sotol Liquoris recognized worldwide as a kind of luxury beverage and has conquered liquor lovers around the world. To drink the world’s top Mexico Night Sotol Liquor will demonstrate your glory, your temperament and your manner, providing masculinity to gentlemen and feminine beauty to ladies.