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BODA GROUP Convened strategic cooperation meeting with ANDE Company and America National Sustainable Development Center

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  The chairman of board directors of Boda Group Mr. Niu Shihai, the COO of ANDE Company, Mr. John Symmes、the CEO of America National Sustainable Development Center Mr. Fang Hong, and the main leadership members attended this meeting.

Tripartite talks between Boda Group、Ande Company and America national Sustainable Development Center

  Ande Company gave a detailed introduction about the first international STR gene (biometrics) rapid detection and analysis solutions. The ANDE system is the unique fast DNA system which has been approved by US FBI and used in the National DNA Indexing System (NDIS). The ANDE system has been widely used in the US government's natural disaster management, military, border and homeland security, police, embassies and judicial departments.

  Chairman of the Boda Group, Mr. Niu Shuhai, highly commended the importance of ANDE gene analysis for developing a high quality health service industry and strengthening the social management of China. The application of this technology system in China will effectively conform to the present development of China. At the same time, it’s also compatible with the strategy of the big health project of Boda Group,  “China-Longevity-City”.

  Promoting the ANDE gene technology in China is a great career which benefits the society and people of China. It will also effectively promote the friendly cooperation and communication between China and the United States.

  Boda Group, ANDE Company and America National Sustainable Development Center have made a triple agreements, which is the comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement will be assigned in June of this year. Its aim to promoting the communication between China and USA, as well as to realizing the mutual benefit and a win-win result!

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